21 Days of Prayer and Fasting Worksheet

1. Step 1 – Determine your focus. 

What will your focus be during the fast?  What is important to God? What is important  to you? Get your game plan together. 

2. Step 2 – Set your objective. 

“I am fasting and praying towards__________________________________ (spiritual renewal, guidance, healing, revival, resolution of problems, special grace to handle a situation, finances, ministry, family, salvation of others, etc.) I am fasting from (foods, meals, media, etc.) _____________________________________________________.

3. Step 3 – Make your commitment. Pray about the kind of fast you should undertake. 

            1. Fasting from food: 

                        a. Jewish: Eat at sunset. 

                        b. Daniel: Fruits and Vegetable…meatless. 

                        c. Water and Juice. 

                        d. Liquids.

                        e. Create your own as the Lord leads. You can create any kind of combination 

            2. Fasting from distractions. 

                        a. Media (TV, Movies, Social Media, etc). 

                        b. Activities (regular hobbies, etc). 

            3. How much time will you devote each day to prayer and God’s Word. 

                        a. Increase time of prayer. I suggest scheduling it. 

                        b. Increase time in the Word. How much time will your Bible reading increase? 

            4. This period of Prayer and Fasting is for the whole family. Encourage your children to 

                 fast and pray with you. Have them make a commitment as well. 

4. Step 4 – Prepare yourself spiritually. 

            1. Ask the Lord to help you. He is waiting and loves the fact that He will get more time with you. 

            2. Have your Bible handy. 

            3. Have a journal and pens. 

            4. Schedule your day. 

            5. Bring your family in. 

5. Step 5 – Expect results. 

            1. Remember you are sowing; reaping might happen both during the fast or after the fast.

            2. The goal is to delight yourself in God and to draw near, by giving more to Him and pressing in for the greater. 


            I have determined my focus. 

            I have set my objective. 

            I have made my commitment. 

            I will prepare myself spiritually. 

            I will prayerfully believe that God will meet me in this fast.